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Anil Aggrawal

Story of a sweet little girl

Something to Remember

Long time ago, there was a nice little girl, who had loving parents and two younger brothers. All five of them loved one another very much. Then came an unfortunate day. Tragedy struck and the family lost one member - one of the most loving members of the family - the mother of the children. But our dear nice little girl did not lose hope. She braved all odds and brought up her younger brothers exactly as a mother would.

When she got married, and was departing from her home, there were tears in the eyes of her two little brothers. They felt as if they were being deprived of their mother a second time. But despite her new home and her newfound love, she did not forget her first love - her brothers and father. She continued devoting time to them.

Time passed. Our sweet little girl had her own son. But whenever she would pray to God, she would never ask anything for her own son or her husband. She always asked for her two brothers, who had lost their mother at such an early age. Whenever she would pray before God, she would ask happiness and riches for her brothers rather than for herself or for her own husband or son.

Very soon, the boys grew up into very successful men, and went off to far off lands to make a name for themselves and their country. It could be due to their hard work and brilliance, but it could also be due to the millions of prayers her sister made for them before God.

Still more time passed, and the brothers got married, and brought beautiful brides. The family was fortunate and got loving brides. The two brothers, their brides, the sweet little girl (who now is a sweet lady), her father, husband and son, all love one another very much.

While at one time, there was just one loving lady in the family, with the arrival of two beautiful and caring brides, now there have been three of the same ilk. They don't get to meet often, as they are all so far apart in space, but whenever they do meet, there is love and happiness and color all around.

Our dear sweet lady is not any younger now, but her heart is still young, loving and tender, as it always has been. She is still the uniting force behind the whole family.

May God give her a thousand years. May God keep our unity and love forever! May God bless the family always!!

Note - This is a true story


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