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Professor Anil Aggrawal
Professor Anil Aggrawal

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Anil Aggrawal starting learning HTML sometime in 1998, but he is still not confident in making good web pages. The best that he has been able to make is this, but no person in his right mind would agree that this is a good page. Only God knows, when he will learn web pages!
He has also started learning Javascript, but he has not reached anywhere even in this. The best course for him is to continue cutting up dead bodies, and forget about all the rest! May God give him wisdom. Amen!

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Anil Aggrawal
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Anil's heart is beating for you

Anil Aggrawal bows his head to all of you
Anil Aggrawal bows his head to all of you

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Mrs. Marygold Gupta
Marygold Gupta

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She is the girl who had the misfortune to marry this man. She has been carrying on bravely for the last eighteen years. It is a credit to her that she has put up with this weird person for so much time. Otherwise no woman in her right mind would do so. Hats off to you Marygold Gupta!
Marygold is a very good cook, and mainly because of her cooking Anil is getting fatter day by day.

Their family
Family Picture in 1987 at home(top)
and in 1996 in USA with Shaloo (bottom)

Anil Aggrawal

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