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This story is written by Khushboo (Sporty Girl)

My Experience With Father Christmas

Hello! My name is Rose. I am going to tell you a story in which I got lost in a dense forest a few years ago. That day I was at school and our teacher wasn’t in the class yet. Everybody was shouting or messing their things around. I was standing near the corner of the class with Tom, Sandra and Tim. We all four were talking about spirits and Father Christmas. Soon a question struck Sandra’s mind and she asked, ‘Who believes in Father Christmas?’ ‘I do’, I said and everybody burst out laughing their heads off. Then everybody started making fun of me but I didn’t say anything because I knew that Father Christmas did exist. After school, all the students in my school had a big party, which finished at 10:00 pm. I went home alone through the forest. But suddenly, I realized that I had lost my way because of so many trees. But I didn’t get scared, because I believed that whenever I had a party at school, Father Christmas would come and take me home. But that never happened. I thought that it might work today. I went and sat under a tree, for half an hour. I waited and waited but nothing happened. But then I gave up and I thought that I should find my way home. I got home at 12:00 and my mom was sleeping, and I went to look out of the window for Father Christmas for half an hour but nothing happened. Then I thought that my friend Sandra was right to say ‘We shouldn’t believe in spirits or Father Christmas.’ Suddenly I heard the doorbell. My mom opened the door and then somebody came in and said ‘This is for you,’ and went away. It was a present from Father Christmas and a letter with it. I couldn’t believe this! Next day, when I went to school, I told everybody about everything that happened yesterday. Everybody was surprised when I told them. But when I came home, I had a strange feeling in my brain. I thought that somebody had tricked me last night at home.

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